TECTOGO Terms & Condition of User Agreement

Client Name: …………………………………………………………………………………. (Termed in contract as Organiser)


Company Name: Tectogo Technologies Pvt Ltd (Termed in contract as TTG)


Welcome to TTG (“we, us, our”), a mobile travel software development company based in Delhi (India). We have developed a cloud-based group tour simplified solution for group tour & event organiser with a mobile-app front end service to provide their tour & event participants a mobile itinerary, destination detail, Travel document management and communications solution. The objective of the TTG solution to achieve efficiency for group tour organiser with traveller as user to get the benefit of convenience of travel in touch to navigate the tour at there fingertip. You are a tour organiser as our service Client (“you, yours”), therefore you will be providing your customers who are the group travellers or event participants will be the users of mobile app with many features of our TTG platform solution.

By making use of TTG services, you agree to the following terms. Please ensure you read them carefully.


You as a organiser will send us your company address/contact details/ corporate logo, primary user name/email/ mobile no. scheme so we can create your back and front end with white label integration and create organiser master log in of our CRM access.


You will pay TTG a setup fee as a subscription valid lifetime to access TTG services it including white labelling fee. Once the organiser account created the charges of services will be as you use based on different packages which will be chargeable based on number of persons joining the particular tour created by the organiser and number days tour will be operating. The validity of services for any tour created in TTG platform by a registered organiser with be 60 days prior to date of itinerary start date and valid till 7 days from end date of itinerary.


We provide you with your own dedicated CMS & CRM for the creation and management of any tour based on destination worldwide. You can access our curated content based on destination with organiser own customised itinerary and other detailing as required for communication by front end mobile app access with data base management by uploasding travelled detail like Name/ Mob no/ Email id with secured acess code log in for each individual traveller communicated by SMS for log in to mobile app.


Both organiser management and TTG management will take all necessary steps to keep required information confidential and secure and only use such information (including customer personal data and travel documentation data) for the purposes of this Agreement, including after Termination. The organisor can secure all data before expiry of any individual tour and TTG do not guarantee of any data back up service to the organiser as per the standard service agreement.


All licenses, rights and interest in TTG belongs to us. This Agreement and the use of TTG does not change these rights in any way.


We provide TTG “as is” using a professional, technological and commercially determined level of skill and care to the best of our means and resources and do not make any warranties or specific promises about our service or its performance. We do NOT represent you or your customers, nor do we promise any sales on TTG.


Both Organiser and TTG shall without limitation be liable for damages caused by injury, or death caused by negligence, fraud or breach of obligations for Confidentiality, Data Privacy, Security or Intellectual Property contained in this Agreement.


You will indemnify and hold harmless us, TTG, our affiliates, officers, agents, and employees from any claim, suit or action arising from or related to the use of TTG or violation of these terms without limitation.


These Agreement terms and the solution may need to be modified in the future to adjust to changes in the service offered, to adhere to applicable legislation or to reflect economic necessities. When we change terms or prices, we will notify you by email and you have 30 days to respond. Continuation of use after 30 days will constitute agreement to the new terms. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between organiser and TTG regarding this subject matter. All amendments or additions to the Agreement must be made in writing. If any part of these terms shall be deemed invalid or unenforceable that part shall be replaced by a valid, enforceable term that comes closest to the intended meaning and leave the remainder of these terms unaffected.

These terms are subject and governed by the court laws of Delhi (NCR) jurisdiction . Any dispute on this Agreement, will be referred to and finally resolved by arbitration under the jurisdiction law of Delhi (NCR) ,

EXECUTED as an AGREEMENT on this the _____________Day of _____________ Moth of _________ __Year


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SIGNED for COMPANY (Tectogo Technologies Pvt Ltd)

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